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The farm - workplace and home

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Events, stories, things to laugh about, serious things, sad things and much more... Experience the farm live!

FreiZEIT is FREEDOM - to experience something new

Animals and their habitats are very individual. Calves love it cold and don't want to be cuddled. Cats, on the other hand, like it toasty warm and love to be stroked. Which animal has which preferences? Experience that and more up close, where better than on a farm?

FreiZEIT is FREEDOM - to enjoy

Now we know where the milk comes from. It would be great if you could try it. What can you make with milk without going to the supermarket? What else can you taste and buy homemade on the farm? We proudly present our products.

FreiZEIT is FREEDOM - to get to know people

On the farm, people and animals live in harmony with each other. It is our home and workplace. The basis is mutual trust.  The animals trust  good treatment, quality feed  and that we are there. In return we get  not only our beloved products, but also companionship, affection, stress relief, love and much more...
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