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Ferienwohnung ARENA

Rustic, cozy, homely ...

The lovingly renovated old farmhouse surprises our guests:

a harmony - new with old - modern and yet stylish.

Embedded in the picturesque mountains of the Kalkalpen National Park, there is a feeling of warmth and security.


On 160 m² there is space for:

  • 4 sunny bedrooms for up to 8 adults + 2 extra children

  • 2 toilets

  • Bathroom with shower

  • large living area with tiled stove

  • new large kitchen with wood stove


  • washing machine

  • Washbasin with mirror in each bedroom

Now New!!!
Stone pine bedroom!
Worth knowing about the stone pine or also called stone pine:
As "the queen of the Alps", the Swiss stone pine grows in the high mountains of Europe  this is also the case here in Austria. Trees like the stone pine are extremely adaptable and can withstand extreme frost, drought or wind. According to the principle of sustainability, the stone pine only produces as much wood as can grow again. The stone pine is the wood that suits us well.
The Latin name of the evergreen stone pine is "pinus cembra" and the name stone pine has prevailed here, which means something like "going in circles" or "whirling". The essential oil "Pinosylvin" gives the wood its aromatic and unmistakable scent.
Stone pine conveys warmth and security
The stone pine has a long tradition in wooden furniture construction. It is soft and one of the lightest domestic types of wood. The color is initially very light and darkens towards reddish. It's not popular at the end either  through his very  lively grain. A lot of research has shown that stone pine has a positive effect on the heartbeat during sleep. It should give us peace of mind  and thus ensures restful sleep.
Stone pine furniture is usually not varnished. Slightly oiled or waxed only for better care. This gives the room in which the furniture is placed  unique, natural flair. However, this makes it more susceptible to scratches and stains. We therefore ask you to treat the wood with the necessary respect.  
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