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Wonderful holiday experiences and fun evenings!

HOLIDAY - to experience

At 5 p.m. is cowshed time:
  • take care of the animals, feed them and experience everything that needs to be done
  • to be present at the milking
  • fresh, warm milk  costs
  • smell the fresh hay...

VACATION - to play

Go-karts, trampolines, small children's vehicles, scooters, slakelines, basketball, family tennis, badminton and much more
Plenty of space for movement games: do you remember them? "Catch", "Hide", "Cops & Robbers", etc.

Vacation - to explore

  • A special highlight: the mountain stream - a paradise for children
  • bark ship regatta
  • collect stones
  • splash
  • Watch frogs, maybe there are tormented burbots there?
  • maybe even see a fish...

Holiday - to laugh

Time to experience togetherness ... sitting at the campfire, grilling sausages, tasting schnapps or juice. Anyone who wants can develop freely ... tell jokes, sing a song or just enjoy.

Vacation - to feel country life

  • Be present at the daily work and experience what a farmer has to do
  • on the alp with the young animals: count whether everyone is there, whether everything is in order, pay a visit to the dairymaid 
  • Experience and celebrate customs
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