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Summer on the farm and in the region

summer impressions

Summer in the Pyhrn-Priel region

Hiking starting point Wurzeralm - 10 minutes by car
Highlight Bergbahnen Hinterstoder - 30 minutes by car
Gowidlalm - Austria's most famous hut  - 1.5 hour walk away
Natural bathing lake - 5 minutes by car
Panorama Tower Wurbauerkogel - 15 minutes by car
Kalkalpen National Park - Hengstpass Almen - 10  minutes drive

an absolute highlight of the region

the Pyhrn-Priel ACTIVE CARD

here with us FREE with every overnight stay!

  • with the cable car to the Wurzeralm
  • with the gondola to the Hutterer Höß
  • to the Alpine Museum
  • Bathing at the Elisabethsee, bathing lake, outdoor pools
  • visit a storyteller
  • miniature golf
  • scratch hiking
  • stroking llamas
That and much more for FREE with the AKTIV Card - here with us from mid-May to mid-October

Limestone Alps National Park

Lectures, exhibitions, guided hikes are the opportunities to experience the Kalkalpen National Park up close. Some offers are even included in the Pyhrn-Priel AKTIV CARD program for FREE. You can find out about the current program and other highlights at Some examples of this are:
  • Black grouse courtship on mountain heights
  • Diversity in the beech forest
  • Bird paradise Buchenwald
  • Spring bloomers on the ladder path
  • Through caves to hidden waters
  • From alm to alm
  • in the Gamsberg
Please note the instructions on appropriate clothing and behavior!!!
Der Steinadler - das Logo des Nationalpark Kalkalpen
Almbetrieb am Hengstpass
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