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Holiday with the corona virus

A virus is going around the world -

there is nobody who doesn't  holding breath.

Because it affects everyone - YOU and ME

so I ask - everyone looks at themselves!


Vacation in times of Corona

It starts again on May 29th. The accommodation establishments in Austria may your  open gates again. But of course this is not possible without complying with the current guidelines for personal contact and hygiene.

Since knowledge about the dangers and how best to behave is constantly changing, I would ask you to use the following link to find out more before you arrive at our farm:

What we can do for you:

I have a great webinar on May 4th, 2020  "Cleanliness and hygiene  in times of Corona" by Mrs. Anna  Scheffer visited and was able to take a lot of instructive things with me to protect my guests, my family and myself.

I would like you about it  to inform:

We have been using a dry steam vacuum cleaner from Thermostar for more than a year now, which disinfects all furniture, curtains, floors and smooth surfaces at around 180°C. He has now become my constant companion.

I would like to point out in advance that this summer we will avoid decoration and non-washable utensils as far as possible in order not to create virus outbreaks. I ask for your understanding here.


Your entrance area: All apartments have their own entrance. Your personal holiday kingdom begins here. Door handles, light switches, floors, shelves, etc. are thoroughly disinfected before your arrival. We prepare your holiday home for you and we will  after that  If possible, do not enter the apartment again until your departure. We ask you to pay attention to personal hygiene, especially during this difficult time.  

Your bedroom:

We wash all bed linen and linens at 60° C and a heavy -duty detergent  Ariel powder for one  deep clean laundry. The upholstery and duvet covers are also ironed on the hottest setting. Our mattresses are covered with special hygiene pads that give viruses absolutely no chance, and they are cleaned and cleaned accordingly  disinfected. All upholstery is also equipped with hygienic covers. The duvets are currently washed twice a year or when needed. Here we wait  nor on the appropriate  legal  Regulation and, should it be necessary, also buy hygiene covers.

All finishes are after  regulation  disinfected . we  give up due to the virus  on the  edition of  extra blankets.  If you would like one, that is of course possible!


Your bathroom:

The bathroom is particularly warm  temperatures  and  Moisture with it, bacteria and germs  can feel at ease. We disinfect everything here before new guests arrive. The towels, like the bed linen, are washed at 60°C and carefully dried in the tumble dryer, also hot. The virus doesn't change anything for us here! We have been offering our guests the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene for many years.

A big request to our guests: To protect the cleaning staff, please do NOT shower on the day of departure, put the wet towels in the washing machine and leave the door open. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


Your kitchen:

Our modern kitchens are equipped with a ceramic hob,  Oven,  Dishwasher, toaster, bread slicer, blender... and all the utensils you need for preparation  of normal dishes (wooden spoons, pots, pans, crockery, cutlery, glasses, etc.)  fitted. We provide you with sufficient dishwashing tabs, washing-up liquid as well as fresh dishcloths, tea towels and cleaning cloths. We ask you without exception  put away clean and dry dishes,  in order to  no fours can cling to the surfaces. Please use the dishwasher with a hot program. If you feel more confident personally, please pre-rinse  use  everything with clear water. Warning: we have them  water temperature  not reduced in our houses, it can be hot up to 70° C!

Another request to protect the cleaning staff: put the used towels in the washing machine. Because a particularly humid, warm environment promotes transmission.  

baby equipment:

Ask of course  we will continue to make our equipment available to you.  Cots, fall protection, night light, high chairs, children's cutlery, children's glasses and crockery, changing mats or changing tables, nappy pails, baby bathtubs, bottle warmers, toilet seats, bathroom stools, ... So that we don't have to sterilize or disinfect everything again and again, let us know what you need , we will then make it available for you in your holiday apartment.  The toys present in the apartment are NOT always disinfected.  I  please do this thoroughly before use and after use.


Play  outside:

Please disinfect the toys if you deem it necessary and make sure your hands are clean.

Corona and animals:

At the moment nothing is known that animals are affected by Corona. You should neither become ill yourself nor be a carrier. But I ask you to pay attention to hygiene here as well. The virus is believed to have come from a bat. You are welcome to come into the barn with us and look "over our shoulder" at work. However, we all will  Helping out where we get very close, like doing without milking together. In these cases we will agree.


Your advantages are our strengths:

  • The apartments have their own entrances and a contactless holiday would be possible if you wish.

  • Enjoy the quiet  together with your children.

  • Travel light: Baby equipment is available.

  • A relaxed holiday also means being able to cook  or washing or ironing clothes.

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