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Your departure - together we can do it!

Check in ... from 2 p.m

Check out ... by 10 a.m

We ask for your understanding!

Attention  changed times:


Check in ... from 4 p.m  Clock

Check out ... by 9  Clock

we take us  more time for cleaning - for yours and ours  Security!

We ask for your understanding!

 information about yours  Departure:

Hygiene safety regulations

due to the corona virus:

We ask you to settle the bill before your departure:


Transfer to our bank account

(Note the value date, especially on weekends and public holidays) the money must be in our account when you leave! Account details (IBAN and BIC) are in the footer of your  The invoice.  


Unfortunately, we cannot accept debit or credit card payments!

Please be sure to  Safety of the cleaning staff before you leave:


  • Bathroom: PLEASE do not shower immediately before your departure (the warm, humid air promotes transmission of the corona virus),
    put the used towels in the washing machine.


  • Bedrooms: please remove the beds and sort them according to bed linen and towels  deposit in the anteroom of the apartment.

  • Kitchen: Put the dishes away clean  (Dishwasher may run), please do not leave any food that has been opened.
    Separate rubbish (information in the rubbish house) and dispose of it in the containers provided.

  • Finally, please leave the key on the dining table and open all windows and doors for ventilation .

  • Please let us know before your departure.

Thank you for your help!

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